In Conversation with my Best Friend, An Author

In Conversation with my Best Friend, An Author

When your best friend agrees to talk about her passion with you! A special moment. Though during childhood, we both did not have the slightest hint that we will write someday and will see our work in print!!

I know Parminder for more than 25 years now. It feels great to be a part of that close knit circle, where the friendships are treated sacred. Our group was of four girls, and I feel proud to say that we all are still together and even death can not part us. On the launch of her second book, The Ladies Compartment, I wanted to start the Author Corner on my website with her. Let’s get to know Parminder Kaur Sharma

❓ Our Readers would like to know you. Let’s start with how do you sketch yourself?

✨If I were to sketch myself in a literal sense, I am afraid I would be erasing and redrawing every day. I am learning with each passing moment and from the journey, I have completed so far, I am a spiritual person believing in living in the moment. My motto is to share happiness with people around me as much as possible.

❓ When was the first time you had picked up the pen to write/ or typed your first words?

✨The creative writer in me was first born when I started blogging in 2017. I wrote my blogs usually during my office commuting time, sharing my insights and perspective of the people and situations around me.

❓ Do you think there is any going back now from writing?

✨No way!

❓Generally, a writer is also a voracious reader? What are your favourite picks and authors who always pep you up?

✨I like the ideology of Robin Sharma, the writing style of Preeti Shenoy, the character portrayal of Jane Austen and Shri Rabindranath Tagore is of course the legend.

💖A message from an author to an author

💠It’s an overwhelming journey of the book from the outline inside the author’s brain to the reader’s bookshelf. Though an amazing experience too! As an author we must make sure we are enjoying the journey, enjoying living with our characters day and night, only then can we do justice with our writing and with our readers.

❓When can we read your new book?

✨I have recently released my second book, a fiction work- The Ladies Compartment. Now with two back to back women-oriented books (almost), my next book is from the men’s perspective.

Rapid Fire Round with her!

🎆One word which describes you– Spiritual

🎆What turns you off?– Judgemental people

🎆What’s that adjective which your children have given to you?– Octopus mom

🎆A long-standing wish of yours– To own a home in the hills

🎆Your greatest learning experience so far– Being a parent is the greatest learning experience I am having each day

🎆How would you like people to remember you when you are gone?– An honest and an ethical person

🎆What are you afraid of– Lizard and waking up one morning like Ghajini, losing all my memory!

I wish her all the luck as always!

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