Build for Bharat

Build for Bharat

Crafting the Future of E-Commerce: Be the Sculptor with Your Professional Expertise

ONDC’s Initiative

In the rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape of India, the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is spearheading a transformative initiative – Build for Bharat. Supported by StartupIndia and sponsored by industry leaders such as Google Cloud, Antler, Paytm, and Protean, this collaborative effort aims to address e-commerce challenges and explore innovative solutions through open networks.

Who Can Join?

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Innovative Startups, and Students

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Explore a diverse range of problem statements in the below section

Next Gen Ventures

Exclusive Opportunities Awaits for professionals, entrepreneurs, and startups with groundbreaking business solutions. The Next Gen Ventures track offers exclusive Google Cloud credits and the opportunity to join the prestigious Antler India Residency Program. Winners may also secure equity-based funding and mentorship from Antler India, providing an invaluable boost to their ventures.

Hackathon Thrills

Ready to contribute to shape the Future of E-Commerce? The Build for Bharat Hackathon provides an exciting opportunity for tech enthusiasts and innovators to dive into the world of innovation and revolutionize the e-commerce landscape. Participants can secure exclusive Google Cloud credits and rewards up to millions, making it a thrilling experience for those passionate about technology and its impact on digital commerce.

Choose Your Challenge

For a comprehensive list of problem statements, refer the last section

Participants in the Hackathon can select from a diverse range of problem statements covering logistics, retail commerce, and fintech. With over 10 topics to choose from, including reverse logistics, last-mile hyperlocal, and personalized customer experiences, participants can tackle challenges that align with their expertise and interests.

Seizing the Opportunity

Join the movement, pick your challenge, and let your innovation reshape the future of digital commerce in Bharat.

Hurry up! Last date to Register is 31st January!!

Register Now

More than 10 topics to choose from:

  1. Reverse Logistics
  2. Last Mile Hyperlocal
  3. Onboarding Sellers & Digitizing Catalog
  4. Order Management & Inventory Management for Grocery
  5. Personalized Experience to Customers
  6. Data as a Service
  7. Financial Services
  8. Price optimization engine
  9. Catalog digitization
  10. Catalog indexing engine
  11. Using open source maps
  12. Legal compliance & product safety

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