Learnings and not FAILURES

Learnings and not FAILURES

Failures are hard. Failures crush us. Failures are demotivating. All agreed. As I was talking in my previous post, one needs to welcome our failures with open arms.

How you can flip the coin?

🛤️ Change the word, it’s not a failure. It’s a Learning. You tried, but you did not reach the finishing line.

🚅 Rewind your actions. If possible, write it down. What ingredient did you miss that you were not able to pull that edible dish? (Note: I did not say tasty, I said Edible)

💝If you are going to forsake this project and move to the next one, imagine the number of hours that brought you halfway, will go waste. If you will just muster the courage, to put in more/ refine your strategy, there is a possibility that you will either touch the finishing line or you will inch a little farther away from your last milestone.

The best examples are Sportsperson, Authors and Marketers, and I have high regard for all of them. Every day, they pick up their yesterday’s stats, take that as a benchmark, and see how they can improve for today.

Sounds easy, but if you pull up all your strength, and treat yourself the way a coach treats their students, you can muster the courage to celebrate your failures!

Are you ready to flip the coin?

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