Do you use Google Analytics

Do you use Google Analytics

Are you managing your personal website? How are you using Google Analytics?

You would have heard this before, but from me, it’s coming for the first time, “Google Analytics” is an amazing tool to know your audience! I am happy that I took a refresher course in GA4. It’s of immense help and since I have my website, and I have Google Analytics installed, but there is so much more which I can do with this tool. These points are like the mandate for me, that I need to keep my relationship intact with GA!

❓ What are your goals? Measure your goals and find areas for improvement.

⚔️ Know the vocabulary which GA4 uses as now everything is an “event”

🌟 Events are any interaction on the site are the backbone of GA. It’s completely event driven now

💯 Set up the goals! Really important.

💡 Source/ Medium can bring a lot of insights

🐤 Brush up on Attribution as you need to know who is getting the credit

➡️ GA4 brings enhanced measurement, and the script needs to be on every page. Automated tracking with enhanced measurement with cross-device tracking and sessions being more robust.

🏃‍♀️ To experiment with the features by checking the “google analytics demo account”

💯 Google Tag Manager and Campaign URL builder are the topics which one should delve into after completing an overview of GA4

💥 Realtime reports are helpful when there is a big campaign launch as it gives a unique view of customers which you will not get otherwise

🔁 How do you get customers? That’s the very first reason we have acquisition reports and engagement reports shows you what exactly they are doing!

🌟 Analysis Hub and Pathing Analysis, other two important topics

💯 Do check Google Help section on Measurement Plan as from there you will get the framework to work around:

Business Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, KPIs, Segments, KPI Targets

I believe understanding GA insights gives a great depth on your campaigns! I am keen to know-how are you using GA analytics for planning your content and targeting users for your personal website.

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