Its SUPER EASY to brighten up your Monday

Its SUPER EASY to brighten up your Monday

Keep going. As Matt Haig says all you need is just walking in the straight line!! 🌴

Happy Monday!

Rebranding is in vogue. So I thought why not got my LinkedIn Banner rebranded too. I love the caricatures created by Komal and she got this one created for me. And interestingly, she gave me the badge of superpowers. Aren’t we all given these powers, but we always self-torture ourselves that we are not good enough, and indulging in self-deteriorating talk?


There is never a DULL DAY with Category Pirates and Peak Community! 🌊

I had the chance to further slay all my pre-conceived notions on personal branding and how “politely” “sublimely” Category pirates do it..not once..not twice..but repeatedly..more to follow on that..but I can not help to quote from the laest category pirates issue is that I am not my title but what I have track record…

And Jeff Perkins’s session for Peakers. When he was narrating his story, I felt he was echoing my challenges! He had a Title Misalignment issue! How when you are stuck with a title, but you have done so much that when you are looking at the JD of a CMO, you feel like ticking all the boxes!! BOOM! Marketing Leaders need to work like a business partner, and should stretch themselves by broadening their experience. After watching Jeff’s session, if you still did not treat yourself with Roasting Sangram read, here you go.

Monday could not have been better. Keep Aspiring. I am!

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