What's your source of Inspiration

What's your source of Inspiration

What gives you a kick? The daily dose of inspiration which you have subscribed for? Read on why you should turn them off.

One thing leads to another

One connection leads to another

One conversation leads to another

Creating that strong thread of learning

The bond of collaboration and unconditional support, which goes for Lifetime.

My conversations are getting me connected to so many amazing folks, that I am so grateful that I have got this opportunity to strike a word with them. When we are in our shell, then we certainly do not know what all is happening around us. We think that we are the BEST and are experts. Even when you expand your horizon a little, you will realise that there are so many success stories being created while you are sleeping or mindlessly scrolling on social media.

Sometimes because of my situation, I did have the tendency to retreat to my well, where there was no scope to strike a meaningful conversation. I thank my observation and the pact which I have with myself to be 1% better everyday, that I am learning from Real People! Daily dose of inspiration will just make you feel good for that “fraction of a second”, but what you do in all those waking hours is what will make that difference. Every conscious second, where I ask myself is this something aligned with my goals, this thought pushes me and inspires me.


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