What are you reading

What are you reading

I am reading six books currently (Yes, I know!), and four of them are close to the finish lines. Multipliers and Brand YOU were the July additions.

Want to take a sneak peek in my TBR list? Do hold your breath as the list is pretty long!

Brand YOU was the one, which I was planning to buy for quite some time. I do switch between paperback and Kindle editions but of course, paperbacks are always my favourites as I can just turn my chair and pick up any book at any time from my library. My underlined notes speak a different tone every time.

Quotes from Brand YOU

💡 An Attitude Transplant: Begin to think and act like an Independent Contractor who is self-reliant. Dependent on her-his skills…and the constant upgrading thereof. An Independent Contractor has …in the end… “only” her-his Track Record i.e. her-his Projects.

A brand is a shorthand. It offers a promise. Something reliable.

Brand YOU is as personal as it gets. Brand YOU= Who YOU are.

My personal belief is the way we upgrade on technologies, similarly, it’s needed that we keep on upgrading on our skills. To do so I read and write. What do you do to upgrade your skillset?

💖 I love the way Tom Peters includes three dots almost everywhere in the sentences 💖

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