Discover Life's Rhythm

Discover Life's Rhythm

Did you ever think that the Rhythm of the Life is hinted to us via Nursery Rhymes? But we unlucky mortals are always in a mad rush and rattle them off.

A long time back, when I had my second experience with motherhood, I did write a post that ended with the famous nursery rhyme: walking in the jungle. Today again, out of the blue I was listening to my favourite nursery rhymes (yes, I do have a couple of my favourite nursery rhymes); Walking in the jungle,Row, Row Row your boat and Mary had a little lamb!

And I did notice again that these rhymes do end with a subtle hidden message. Imagine the person who would have written those rhymes, wanted children to understand the life message right from childhood. Of course, the seeds for the right adulthood are sown in childhood. But we never realise this and just like a machine we sing these rhymes for them and kids croon it back like a parrot. Taking a pause never comes to our mind. But there is never a bad time to go back to the simple world of kindergarten.

Why not sing it together today?

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream…

So smile, take a pause and it’s ok to stop rowing for a while. Start again, look around, be merry and you will reach the shore. And even if you don’t reach the shore, enjoy the water around you.

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