It's Dramatic

It's Dramatic

Will life be boring without any DRAMA?

There is so much drama going around us that it’s overwhelming. I do like Drama, but only to read in fiction and also to create them in my novels. 📖

On the days when the drama is too much, all I want to do is uncork a bottle of wine 🍷, sway to my favourite music 🎵 and imagine that I am at the beachside 🌊. If during a workday, I am not able to achieve this, I listen to loud music, imagining that I am cutting all the other clutter around me. And on days when there is no drama, I feel like that it’s a hot humid afternoon and the ocean decided to give rest to its waves. LOL and then those are the days I crave for that madness and feel that OMG nothing is happening.

What do you do when life’s drama gets out of your hands?

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Shikha Creates the Zing factor in Marketing | Books are my Best Friend , Tea is my favorite beverage & Travelling to places is my hobby | A story teller.
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