How I aced my learning this week

How I aced my learning this week

My go to source to pump up my day is listening to my favorite people.

While ABM Breakout session with Jen Leaver and Amber Bogie brought home the point of evolving ICP and always revisiting it, Megan Bowen was bang on in putting the “team” (not people alone) at the core of a company’s success.

The latest podcast from Yaag has Scott Marker hosting it, and Megan Bowen is the guest. I follow Refine Labs for great lessons on demand generation and was keen to hear Megan’s perspective. Here are my key takeaways!

• Lot of people talk about sales and marketing alignment. Why do we forget the most important team of customer success? Companies should be focused on all these three team. 💯

• There is nothing like a persona of a perfect leader.

• Provide different platforms for your employees to share their feedback.

• Providing a growth path is the key. Your employees should know where they are going. If they are clear, the company is also clear about their growth.

• Companies should link goals to incentives, and goals need to be made together. The three important pillars of marketing, sales and customer success need to work together to craft their goals. They should focus on the Net Revenue Retention. How the teams are bringing high qualified intent buyer. 💥

• Resolve the points of friction between different teams.

• The customer success team does not get their due share and we should equally involve them in influencing strategic decision.

• Megan refers to the Infinite Game Mindset by Simon Sinek.

• Customer Success and Service should be the first tyre a founder should look at.

And if you are looking for great references on the podcasts to follow, one is definitely The ABM Conversations and a couple of more shared by Camille Trent.

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