Did you do a reality check recently

Did you do a reality check recently

Few updates!

• Yay! I finished the second round of editing for my fourth fiction piece. But somehow, I am feeling this is my first official work. Let’s see as now the tough part begins of reaching out to publishers.

• Of the fifty no responses, rejections, I have received a couple of encouraging messages/ emails which prove that kindness and humanity are still intact. This 1% of the folks are the ones who are making a difference in the world.

• Things which seem to be super-important, and noteworthy to others, look to be really ordinary to me. Not everything can be awesome. Out of 1000 projects, there is that one particular thing which is outstanding. Like out of my so many posts, the interview with Sangram Vajre is the one which qualifies to be in the “Boom Club.”

• Look what I received in my mail! Matt Haig’s The Comfort Book and The Midnight Library. The title itself “The Comfort book” is so comforting.

• Anger burns you from inside. It’s like that evil fire which turns your blood into venom. I felt this recently. Certainly I was not doing a good job of managing my resent and observing what caused this. Rather than uprooting and treating the root cause, I had become like a dragon and spitting fire everywhere. Indeed, not happening.

How’s your week going by?


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