How often do you write

How often do you write

Practise, Practise, and Practise. There is no end to practise.

I am in more control of my routine for the past sixteen months. Earlier it was more like a Tom and Jerry chase game where I was constantly chasing stuff and rushing from one stuff to another. The working hours were haywire and I was always in the adjusting mode. What is meant by Quality work or spending quality time, seemed like an utopian idea. My past sixteen months were totally devoted to the most important project of my life, and that’s me. My list started like this,

……. …… …. …. …

And now it looks like this, where I am cutting the clutter which eats up my time. As Ann Handley says in her book Everybody Writes, to hone up the writing skills, you need to write daily. Very similar to athletes, where they get up and kick their butts to practise and never fail to show up. Taking one day at a time, and I am penning the 125th post today, which means 125 days of commitment. This is just like that small drop in the big ocean.

On another note, I think Everybody Writes and The Atomic Habits, these two books should be read together!

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