Reflect on your Fiction Work

Reflect on your Fiction Work

But there are people who will first share their personal milestones, and then work will follow.

Write what you like, then imbue it with life and make it unique by blending in your personal knowledge of life, friendship, relationship, sex, and work. Especially work. People love to read about work. God knows why, but they do.

💥 Bang on! Stephen King puts his advice on writing in the writing memoir book.

Our work, our job, has so much power on us it defines every aspect of our life. Mind you, our work life obsesses us. And I would be lying if I will say that I am not in this league. I am but trying to sail away! Yes, people do like to read about what work the characters are involved in, as our maximum waking hours are spent at work.

Then I thought, the lead character, Samisha, of my upcoming fiction work, is a marketer and unconsciously marketing discipline got weaved in her behavior. A coincidence, which I am happy about it and when it also comes from Stephen King, that made more special!

📯 The beginning of my post has a spoiler alert for what my tomorrow’s post will be on! 📯

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