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Money: Five letter word around which the world goes around. Not in a literal sense but yes for some of us it’s THE MOST important aspect and their life revolves around it. They want to earn more and more and more. But do you think earning more will make them rich, or maybe super rich, oh yes millionaire. They think so that more money will solve their problems. But in reality, even if a person is earning 1crore per month and he/she is not managing his/her money wisely, he/she will never attain financial independence. And the definition of financial independence is different for everybody. However the goal is generally same for all where we would like to be free from debt and have good amount of cash available for emergencies.

I like many others never used to venture out in the field of mutual funds, equity funds. My long-term friends were always recurring deposit or fixed deposit and yes of course how can I forget the ever-glittering gold. I received this book at a very appropriate time when I had taken the courage to sort out my wallet. Don’t get scared by the big words as it takes time to be comfortable with the things which makes us comfortable. And financial planning does shun away many people. Sometimes a major setback or a debt trap is needed to provide the jerk that its high time and they need to take their life in their hands.

The beauty of this book that it’s written in a simple tone and the only thing which is needed is your will power to pick it up and finish it. I would like to list the topics which the author has explained:

Mutual Funds Equity Funds Debt Funds Insurance

It also has a full-length chapter of financial planning which covers retirement, investment for children’s education and legacy planning. Trust me I had never thought about retirement or having a WILL! Isn’t it sounds exciting that during your lifetime you can decide how your accumulated wealth is distributed once you are gone.

“The truth is,drafting a will is as important as having insurance”

Author has also weaved a story to make this subject more appealing and close to reality.

Below quote from the book actually sums up the essence of the book: “Saving money does not mean you must live like a recluse or abandon your lifestyle. It simply means being aware enough of your spending habit, shopping smartly and managing your finances better. Exercise smart budgeting not just to save money but to invest that money in the right channels”

I would recommend this book if you are looking for sane advice on how to manage your money better and how you can “Dream Big” with the regular income which you are earning.Good pick.

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