Get Going With Your Writing,Today!

Get Going With Your Writing,Today!

This article will resonate with people who love to write but who are hard pressed against time like;

Working professional with a high demanding career, Women working professionals who are walking the tightrope, Working women who are also mothers. I can see the smile on your face. Let’s be practical. Our day job is spent in earning bread and butter and to keep the kitchen running and weekends are for family and children. What about the things we like! I will write when I have time. And the time never comes.

I would like to share my experience and tips which have worked for me.

Just to give you a background, I am a working professional who needs to devote 8 working hours for my day job and my day does not end with this. I have a two and a half-year-old daughter and six-month-old son. To put it straight, I gasp for breath. I am not a multi-tasker and do not believe in this theory. However, I am a strong proponent of time management and devote time in doing what I love.

The point which I wanted to make was, if I can write three online articles, make two sketch notes, and pen three short stories in five days, then you can do it too!

It’s not difficult and by following three simple tips you will be able to start your writing journey:

Write in your bio something specific, like - ‘a future novelist’ or ‘ a fiction writer’.

It works as you have professed your love of writing and your goal is visible to all. I have it included in my Twitter Bio. This is more of a mental conditioning than actual doing. But thinking & believing is only the first step to doing. Isnt it?

Would you like to write for yourself or you would like your work to be seen by others?

Choose between your personal diary and an online blog medium. For busy professionals, I will strongly recommend platforms like Medium, LinkedIn. Your sole purpose is to write and when you are running against time you would like to spend time in penning your thoughts rather than managing your site. These platforms offer you lot of inspiration & opportunity to connect with like minded people. Not just that on these platforms people actually read what others are writing. Which is most of the aspiring authors are struggling with right?

Be a guest contributor. This will give you a quick start that you need.

This will also give you your initial set of followers & potential readers who know you beyond your social circles. The platforms you chose will also be your future alley when you actually come up with that book.

So, get set going.

If you want to write a book someday, start writing. Write something.

You can start while on your way to work, waiting for the bus, cutting down the hours spent on Facebook, aimless online surfing or the gossiping hours near the water cooler.

Remember, the first step is difficult, but once you take the step, rest of the footsteps follow.

This article was originally published on Writersmelon.

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