My Kid Said

My Kid Said

I will share what happened this morning. I was ready for the office and booking an Uber ride. Because of some technical glitch, I believe the app picked up the wrong location. I was running late, and explaining the way to the driver was turning into a nightmare for me. My daughter wanted to say something, and I was trying hard to be calm to her as she was bawling. My voice did not match my facial expression, and yes, she understood it. She walked out.

When I was done with the call and told her, “Baby, Mumma is going to the office.”

And I got a one-word reply from her:“Go.”

I was heartbroken, of course. I went to her, picked her up and said sorry, and explained the situation to her. I even took her out so that she could drop me to my cab. Who said that only parents can be harsh? Kids have the temperament as well and their words do have cutting steel effect.

During weekdays, when I am about to leave for the office, we have a routine conversation that I should not be going to the office and then I list the reasons to her on why I should be going to the office. Today the response was different when I said that if the money is not there, then from where will the toys come from? And how will she go to the mall?

And the reply was, “I do not want more toys. I am happy with the present lot.”

My heart melted, and I was speechless.

There are a lot of funny quotes, as well. She eagerly waits for her cousin sister when she visits us during vacation time (my sister’s daughter and my daughter are of the same age, just a week’s difference in their age). Instead of asking how many days she will be staying with us, she asked me, “Mumma when will she leave?”

I was taken aback by her statement and asked her why she wanted to know that. Pat came the reply, “I want to go to her house.”

She hates nights and demands that I should stop nights from coming!

And on the funnier side, she wants to know why her brother does not wear frocks, puts on hair band, or make ponytails!

We went to a birthday party, and for the dinner, vegetarian food was on the menu. The gravy of the dish resembled chicken curry. She asked me what it was and I told her that they were chickpeas. She said, “Mom where is the leg piece. I want to eat chicken!”

She once went and told my neighbors that there will be a baby coming at my neighbors place and, of course, my neighbors were shocked and in splits as they were not expecting any baby in their family! She has this idea that because she has a baby brother everyone else will get one as well!

When she was around two years old, she used to freak me out with her ghost instances. According to her, there was a ghost behind every curtain, and he wore white clothes. And my son has also created a fictitious character, who is HIS BIG BROTHER and he only visits our house when apparently we are not there!

With kids, entertainment quotient is always on. Sometimes they will blow your mind with their witty statements, and sometimes they will make your heart melt away.

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