The Sacred World of Words for me

The Sacred World of Words for me

Milestone Number One

I believe it’s a good thing, to take a pause and celebrate the milestones. No matter, how small or big they are, but then it exemplifies the hard work and the discipline which has gone behind it.

Today marks my 💯 post on Instagram. And I am happy that I have continued the streak and will continue to strive to spin my thoughts. It’s the urge which brings me back every day to the word’s world and I pray that it continues till the end. ✨Three cheers for 500th, 1000th and many more pearls of wisdom to come ✨

*If the words in my head was water in the jug,

I do not know how many jugs I had to pour

to empty my head, mind, heart, and soul.

May the water never gets dried up,

And it’s always brimming…

Shikha Creates the Zing factor in Marketing | Books are my Best Friend , Tea is my favorite beverage & Travelling to places is my hobby | A story teller.
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