Start, Continue, and then comes the END

Start, Continue, and then comes the END

Our efforts, day to day activities anyways bring us closer to the finishing line, so then why hurry to touch the ribbon.

❓When was the last time, instead of reading the entire story you jumped straight to the end of the story?

❓Have you ever done, instead of watching the entire suspense thriller, fast-forwarded the movie and saw what happened in the end?

❓If you are a writer, do you write the end of the story?

❓You wait and chew the bubblegum, take the taste and then blow a balloon. Don’t you?

When you are enjoying a book, watching a movie, sketching your character, writing a book, you never look at the end, but enjoy the entire process, the thrill when the suspense unfolds, feel the emotions what the character is going through, make an effort in crafting every detail of the protagonist of your story, is indeed intoxicating.

When we enjoy the process so much and ready to wait to know the end, than why there is so much hurry to know what is going to happen next in our lives, why be so impatient to know the future of our life, why spend fortunes with the astrologers.

🌻Tomorrow’s unknown will no longer be an unknown when the sun rises. The anxiety which you faced yesterday, on how will your day be, died with yesterday’s sunset.

Shikha Creates the Zing factor in Marketing | Books are my Best Friend , Tea is my favorite beverage & Travelling to places is my hobby | A story teller.
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