Celebrating the Journey

Celebrating the Journey

There is no Destination for Learning, so, Celebrate the Journey 👑

I had received worried messages from friends and family when I had first completed a five-year milestone and then ten years at Bentley Systems. The general perspective in the job market is; if you stay in an organisation for more than five years, your market value will decrease. It shows that whenever you go out on a job hunt, the hiring organisation will think that you had to stick around because you did not get a job outside. And there so many more perceptions like this that how staying longer with an organisation proves detrimental to your success and career. I wouldn’t lie that statements like this did not bother me, and I wondered if I should change or stick around. Now, I think why did I waste my time worrying about these perceptions! As I say Life is all about curves and never a straight line, I too had my ups and downs and learned how to cruise along with it. When I see and hear colleagues completing a 25-year milestone, I do get goosebumps. In front of that 13 years is nothing! Just a little more than half of their journey. It does take courage, willingness to experiment with my interests, and above all believing that what matters at the end of the day is, did your learning increase or not.

Here goes my Charter for Year Number Thirteen!

❇️It depicts the mental strength that you can stick around. My mantra Cut the noise, define your goals and stick to them holds!

❇️I learned how to develop a working relationship with my colleagues whom I have never met in all these 13 years!

❇️I got mentors for a lifetime. I can always turn to them for advice and whenever I hit the wall

❇️I gained expertise in different toolsets and my peers can rely on me for the projects revolving around my expertise

✨I have better clarity, improved vision on where I want to go next. I can now speak for myself about what I want and how it will help me in my learning journey

The last one is the most important, as when you start in your career or are new to the organisations, you are still in the nascent stage of designing your path. You are treading carefully so as not to tread in the unknown territories, not to hurt anyone’s ego. But as you mature and learn, and then unlearn and then again learn, you discover yourself. I do not have any advice for the people who have just joined or have spent less than ten years in the organisation as everyone’s path is different. The way I will not walk on your path, in the same way, I would not suggest you walk my path. All in all, it’s been a good journey.

Am I satisfied? Hell, no!

I want more learning years, I want to learn everything about each tool in the marketing stack. I want to communicate, collaborate better.

🍷Three cheers for the thirteen years!🍷

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