Contriver’s Skill

Contriver’s Skill

Only the creation of GOD is not questioned. But we Humans…

Recently I came face to face with a situation, where I was not satisfied with the end product. As per me, the product did not match the earlier standards. I provided the review to the concerned. The creator was confident that the delivered product matched the desired standards and there can not be an issue. Now, this put me in a dilemma, on how to approach a creator’s creation. I have huge respect for that person and for all the creators/ artists out there. I wanted to broach this subject properly without hampering my relationship. The situation was sorted however, it opened up a can of worms on this subject in my mind. My mind was hammered with all these questions:

• A creator creates a product, and behind the creation, there is so much love and passion involved. (Here I am only referencing to solo entrepreneurs/ one person army) What if the audience does not like it? Being a marketeer, I know there will be theories if your product is rejected by the masses, then you need to go back to the drawing board and see what they want. However, if you are totally happy with the process of the creation and the reviews does not matter, then you have achieved your objective. Nothing else matters but the journey.

• Each person is different, and for example, if the product has a target audience of say 25 people, then 25 people will have different views, and maybe one common thread will emerge, but that’s hard. So the decision rests with the creator, if they would like to listen to 25 reviews and maybe there are 25 suggestions and incorporating those 25 suggestions, is impossible. But again a common thread can be looked for if there is a common theme on the suggestions.

• If there are commercials involved and selling your creation is your bread and butter, then you can not discount market reviews and have to revisit the drawing board as failing to do so will hamper your market image and financials

• How can the creator stick on their path, the essence of the product and let their sanity not be hampered by all the trolling/ negative reviews

Only a creator understands the joys and sorrows which goes behind in bringing the final piece to the market. The sweat and toil are generally ignored. As a creator, the final decision rests with you on how you will act on the reviews and the person who is consuming the product, no preaching on that side on how they should word their reviews. To each at his own, can be the mantra.

You need to have a thick skin, when you are in the business of creation!!

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