ABM Learning Made Simple

ABM Learning Made Simple

My ABM learning pick for this week.

My journey with ABM learning is recent and in my five months of learning, I did not come across concepts like ABM framework, ABM Center of Excellence and ABM Index. I am going through the on-demand videos of ITSMA and came across Infosys’ 2020 diamond award-winning program. After going through the 20+ minute of learning, I can relate to Julie Schwartz’s Enthusiasm when she talks about Infosys’s journey. The way Navin Rammohan represents how ABM efforts were crafted, drafted and relayed, gave me a high. Simple, no-nonsense approach, focusing on the core objective and making sure that the results are displayed. The ABM Scorecard will surely make you jump from your chair. My mouth was wide open when I was looking at the numbers and I was imagining how can I achieve this!

Mind-blowing, highly recommended webcast, if you want to learn how Navin and Team implemented “Unmarketing”. He makes the entire process so simple (though I know how much work, collaboration, teamwork, extracting the insights from analytics would have gone into it) like applying butter onto bread.

My key takeaways:

• ABM is Unmarketing

• The 3 Pillars of Unmarketing Intervention

Personalize the Vision

Revolutionize the Experience

Humanize the Relationship

• From 1 Pilot Account they scaled the efforts to Top 24 accounts within three years

• ABM was used to change the perception of Infosys as a Traditional IT services company

• The pipeline within the account significantly improved, and their score improved

• Enhancing Reputation, Relationship Strength and Supporting Revenue which were drafted had specific OKRs

• Take ABM from just measuring value to enabling and empowering decisions and actions

• They have 12 ABMers each handling two accounts

• How CSR was built-in in the ABM initiatives, truly remarkable. As Navin says, ABM should be done without any force, it should come as naturally, it should not be something imposed but should bring a human face to marketing

Link to ITSMA Webcast

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