ABM Learning Continued

ABM Learning Continued

Another gem of learning from ITSMA. A two hour session on “How the Rise of ABM is Changing Marketing”

The discussions are so interesting that time will fly. Trust me on this! As before, here are my notes, and the link for the session is provided towards the end. You got to attend the session to discover the depths of ABM!

✨As the opening message of the Forum mentions that B2B Marketers have done a great job in responding to the changing business, but is this enough? Adapting to change is the first step, keeping up with the pace and continuing with our iterations is the next one.

The punch line from the forum was when one of the panellists remarks: “Hint is in the word ABM Itself, that’s the ACCOUNT”

✨The key to success is collaboration and alignment across the entire organization. Catherine Dutton and John Gallagher in detail discusses the Top-Down Approach and how it needs to be consistent

✨It’s all about reinforcing relationship with your most important accounts

✨ABM should be the central part of your strategy

✨How can organizations build a new centre of excellence

✨It’s in the specifics where the success lies and the hint was that one-to-one boards should be the key

✨ABM function is becoming that part of marketing function which is closest to Business Outcomes

How can ABM’ers be the “CMO Of the account” (another food for thought)

✨How Marketing can help in creating opportunities and not chase sales team to pursue opportunities

✨How can you benefit from Personalization at scale? What worked for one account and what you did for one account under the ABM umbrella, how it can be replicated for many

Success will be when Sales approach Marketing with the mindset that how can they help Sales unlock Opportunities. That will be a big day indeed!

💖 Fun Fact was from Navin Rammohan that “ABM team members are now being poached by Sales Team members!” 😆

Keep learning, keep moving. More power to Marketing!! And before you sign off, the Top 5 ABM and Go to Market priorities for 2021 as shared by the speakers in the session:

💡Accelerate Agile

💡Deepen Account Insight

💡Strengthen Sales Collaboration

💡Build a Blended Strategy

💡Invest in Metrics

Link to the OnDemand

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