Learnings from Current Read

Learnings from Current Read

Lessons Learnt from Current Read, GRIT

I will be sharing posts like these a lot, as I love to underline the text which I find interesting/ Inspiring in the books which I read. It helps me to go back to my old books and trust me that underlined text provides a new meaning every time. I had posted a similar thought on my Insta Handle @novelistinaction.

Since I am still reading GRIT, and it feels like a lifetime of a study, so here are some of the book quotes:

“Practice optimistic self-talk”

“Setbacks don’t discourage me, that makes no sense. I mean who doesn’t get discouraged by setbacks? I certainly do. I think it should say, Setbacks don’t discourage me for long. I get back on my feet.”

I found these two concepts interrelated. There will not be a single person on this earth, who has not become the victim of self-talk. And this takes a giant shape when you receive setbacks. It will belittle you and will make sure that you never rise. That’s why Angela proposes to indulge in optimistic self-talk. I will share my experience. When I started reversing the negative self-talk to positive self-talk, my mind refused to indulge in it! Of course, with positive self-talk, there is no drama being created, no interesting scenes, so how will the mind enjoy? It just shutS off. Isn’t it amazing? You can switch off your mindless thoughts with positive self-talk as the mind does not need it and it will save you all that energy that is spent in it. 🤪

Now take that energy, pull up your socks and get back to your game. Remember, “Cut, Define and Stick formula!

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