Slaying Marketing Buzzwords

Slaying Marketing Buzzwords

I love it when professionals and entrepreneurs indulge in “real-marketing” with ZERO marketing budget!!!

It’s super exciting to see when people at the prime age take the plunge into entrepreneurship and do not shy away from challenges. It’s again phenomenal to see that how younger generations join in full swing to make their dreams a reality. While working on the stories for WO-BRIGHT Magazine’s December 2021 issue, when I got to know about Akkabai I knew it instantly that I have to bring her story to our readers. Why?

🤩 Number One Reason: She is 83 and all gung-ho about her business!

✴️ Number Two Reason: Her grandson is giving us major marketing goals

Marketing is all around us! In our daily lives, we come across so many situations which presents amazing examples of brand awareness and positioning.

Akkabai’s grandson mentions, “Digital Marketing is the foundation of driving business for us and Facebook has played a BIG role. We have joined various Facebook Groups too. Not to miss mentioning our potential customers get attracted towards our creative Instagram Account and we have received accolades from them. Marketing through these mediums is helping us to drive revenue, but we always strive for customer satisfaction, as that’s our core. Our primary goal is to increase reach of our brand through different platforms. I manage every aspect of marketing in-house.”

💯 Did I catch the words of customer success, brand awareness, positioning, digital marketing! 💯

Akkabai Special

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