Qualities represented by Younger lot

Qualities represented by Younger lot

Today’s generation is confident, passionate, gritty and knows how to nail the challenges. Don’t write them off by saying that they are too young to decide about what they want.

Kushali’s mother approached me that Kushali would like to know more about the writing contest which I have started. I was happy to share the details with her. The thing which caught my attention was her creativity and clarity of thought. Of course, this also comes when parents can provide a healthy environment at home and give their kids the confidence that they can achieve anything on which they lay their eyes on. The conversation which started with her compilation for the upcoming book progressed into how she can share her views through the magazine. It was impressive to see when she chose mental health and shared her thoughts about the upcoming December issue.

I wanted to know her views about marketing.

❓ Do you think younger generation is more aware of how they need to build their personal brand and knows the A to Z of marketing?

🌟I think it may differ, depending on which country or school you are. However, the younger generation has an idea as we have social media, and other platforms which advertise, which gives us some idea of marketing and their strategies. Also, yes, this generation is more aware, but does not know everything about marketing. It is indeed a wide topic and has a lot of areas which this generation might not know.

❓ Do you believe the digital platforms is helping to create awareness among younger generation on different tools available which will shape their future?

🔮 My opinion is that depending on age, digital platforms can help create awareness amongst younger generations.

Let’s make a promise to ourselves to always have an encouraging mindset for the young buds out there.


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