What's your Ask

What's your Ask

Are you Fearless in Asking? Every week is becoming interesting with Powerful and intriguing ASKS from Casey Graham.

❓This week he has asked: What are 5 words we always want people to say about us when we are gone?

💥 For me, the feelings which comes to my mind are:

Motivator, Generous, Helpful, Creative, Go-getter

💱 LinkedIn Conversations: I was thinking about the conversation explosion and the way we now have the powerful medium to express, participate and learn from all these conversations. The Power of LinkedIn is going beyond leaps and bounds provided you know how to gain advantage of it! How are you learning from all the conversations circulating around? Personally I prefer two social mediums, LinkedIn and Instagram. But the content source for these two mediums is my website. That will never go away!

Thought for the week ❤️ 💓No matter how big your circle is, what kind of influence you generate, if the foundation of your family is not strong, you are a poor person. And when I say family, I mean, your partner and kids. The relationship which you have with them, how you are building up on that is the only bank balance which accrues over time and from where you can withdraw any time, does not matter how many times.

Learning Time: Podcast by Yaag Doesn’t matter which space you are in, this is a brilliant conversation. My key takeaways:

Reinforcing the belief in SEO

Startups need to “own their own story”

Share what you have learned across your social presence

Leverage guest posting

Own that you are working remotely. Don’t try to recreate what’s happening in the physical world

Key skillsets needed for VP-Marketing: 💯Build a Team- processes in place, Who understands marketing and has hands on experience, Uncovers various different nuggets, Really enthused about marketing, How they are updating themselves, General smartness to de-construct business, What channels can contribute to business, Ability to engage a team and not being an individual contributor, Always hire A players: Because if you hire B players, they will soon start hiring C players!

Bang on quote from Karthik: State for startups is relative not absolute. Always think of scale in order of magnitude.

Second Learning Podcast of the week is from none other than Christopher Lochhead I am a keen learner on the concept of Motivation. When I saw one of the posts made by a fellow Peaker, Pablo on Peak Community, I really want to deep dive in it. I have atleast six pages of notes captured and I would really encourage to listen to this podcast if you want to have a PRACTICAL/ CLEAR understanding of Motivation. Of course, the book Drive is there, but this podcast surely needs to be on your list.

A real powerful, motivating and Get it done podcast which has so many punches that will ultimately be knocked off on all your previous beliefs. If you ready to “think Again” (courtesy Adam Grant) you MUST listen to Christopher in conversation with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach, Author of the book Get it Done. My concern is I am on to winning the activity contest with back to back meetings. Being effective and productive means meetings, meetings and more meetings.

Motivation is that, Psychological forest that moves you from one place to another

And yes there is a Framework as well:

💥Identifying what you want to do

🚵Monitoring your progress

🌱Managing all the other things happening in your life

👪Family Support

Mind you the book Get it done is NOT A TO-DO list

Motivation is:

When you care in the present for future outcomes

When you enjoy the process to achieve your future self

When you feel that CONNECTION to your future self

In #marketing and #leadership , #ask plays a very important part 🙋🏻‍♀️ How⁉️

🧙‍♀️Through all your marketing channels, are you ASKING the right and the relevant questions? 👏When leading a team, are you letting your team members ASK the questions to you?

Research on Content with Intent in Mind:

In my quest to learn more on Content with Intent in mind, I listened to the latest podcast by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose on 2022 Content Predictions.

As you know there are no straight answers but more questions. And the below points got included in my further study:

  1. Creator networks. How content specialists who has acquisition experience and knows how to acquire other media properties will be valued more 2.Marketing Operations getting redefined with content marketing operations coming in that umbrella. Interesting! 3.Your regular content consumers care about privacy and they will care more about you, if you will ask them on privacy.

Follow Devin Reed if you are looking for practical nuggets on Content. I have subscribed to his newsletter too.

-Let’s be Human and Authentic when creating the content. -It should have a voice and it should be yours. -The tone should be genuine and not forcing you to make that coveted purchase.

These were my initial thoughts when I listened to Devin Reed’s podcast on “How to create content that people will pay for”

In three words he sums it all, the content which you create should be: Insightful, Relevant and Actionable.

And a very practical advise he gives for marketers, avoid mechanization of your content and the jargons!

What is your tip on devising content strategy with intent in mind?

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