Let the story begun

Let the story begun

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year! 💥 🎆

I believe storytelling is a very important part of Marketing. Capturing the set of stories which bowled me over over the past few weeks! P.S. Pay close attention to your conversations with your kids. They have some deep insights.

⏲️ Mom, I want to time travel and see what will I be?

But if you do not know right now what you want to be and not working in the present world, you cannot see anything in the future.

I stood silent for a while and told my 8-year-old that this is some deep thought which I shared with her. And the way it works with an 8-year-old, they translate the meaning as it is with their newfound vocabulary. Her conversations then drifted to “why did I choose the word deep.” That’s a story for another day.

But the insightful point is, if we do not know what our customers/ prospects are searching for, what their intent is, we cannot predict the future as we are blind to their present behavior. 💯

🤾‍♂️ My six year old son had an emotional meltdown and was wailing. I was trying my best to console him and calm him down. As you know times like this, we are not able to understand the real reason of trouble. It was only after 10 minutes, he said that nobody understands him, follows him and plays his game. He wants them to LISTEN to him, PLAY his game and FOLLOW the rules which he has set.

💥 🌽 The marketer in me blurted out because your target segment is not right!!! 🦄

P.S. Kids in question are all girls in the age group of 8-12 years including his sister!

💯 I have started my year by committing to reading only one newsletter, and that’s by Casey Graham. In the first email, he asked a simple question: One year from now, looking back over your last 365 days… What would it take for you to feel 100% successful and happy? And my answer was:

at the end of 2022, I feel more successful and happy when I am able to overcome my own insecurities, fear and be confident that I can accomplish anything. When I look in the mirror, i see a smile and not that face who is not able to meet her own gaze.

And in the second email is, he has given a dare which I am penning in this post and it’s what my vision looks like: “Dear me, in one year from now, I see myself as a Head of Marketing taking the organization from x to y with goals clearly focused on the revenue”

Nuggets of Wisdom: When we are young less than 10 year old, we know how to live life, how to be in the moment, how to get absorbed in one task and keep on mastering it but then the world takes us over! We start believing that jumping from one task to another, multi-tasking is the best way to get things. Time to go back to childhood, where egos, fear of failing and what others will say has no place.

Ending the week with: It’s easy to be blissful in the meditative state. I value those days where I am able to hit the calm-thoughtless space for few seconds/ minutes and they are the most refreshing ones for me! I generally struggle on how to be in the meditative state throughout my waking hours!

and the trailing thought from Seth Godin: The mysterious muse sings that other people have genius and talent and I DON’T have that. When you are not happy and feel disheartened with your creative output and skill, the real reason is you are not happy with your PRACTICE. You don’t need any new genes, to be the best version of your self. What you need is more PRACTICE.

Next week I want to focus on Content with Intent in mind and ASK!

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