I do not Like this

I do not Like this

That’s ok. But what did you do change your statement from I do not like this, to I am loving it what I am doing or where I am right now!

Most of the time we find ourselves complaining about the things/ work/ our situation which we do not like, yet we do not do anything about it. We will crib, cry hoarse, will talk to ten different people about it, and then will feel better and lighter. Even I am guilty of this behaviour. But then, did it lead to something? No. I realized that cribbing and complaining are not taking me anywhere. I am only spreading negativity by being negative about everything. I did take the reins in my hand and followed this:

• Identify the real cause of my complaint. What exactly I am not liking? The work, or not achieving any success, or I am continuously hitting the roadblock

• Once I identified the root cause, is it in my power to change? If the weather is bad, of course, I can not do anything about it. I can only protect myself. Jokes apart is that issue in my control to change. If the issue is that I am not happy with the way my life is going at the work front or in my writing career or my learning journey, what can I do to change it? And is the problem real or it’s just the spider webs of my mind. Design a plan to deal with it.

• And then execute it!

Mind it, there are no takers of cribbers! 😺I am happy to let you take inspiration from my strategy; “Cut, Define and Stick” 🌄

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