Writing Trivia

Writing Trivia

What are your Writing Trivias?…

I am full of gratitude when I can write and present my thoughts in words. I feel overwhelmed when the characters of my novel come to life in front of my eyes. The feeling is magical.

So of course a little bit of writing trivia is allowed on my favourite subject

💡 Sometimes I do go through the same emotions which my characters are going through

💡 Words which are bolded: There’s nothing bold about it

💡 Writing is like food cooked on slow ignition. Let it simmer, let it retain the taste. Don’t rush else all you will be left is ashes

💡 Writing is equivalent to self-discovery. It’s a journey worth taking

💡 The process of knitting a story and creating a character is magical. People call it a loner’s journey, but it’s not as your characters never leave you alone!

💡 Anyone can write sitting on the beach, or engulfed by mountains, or locking themselves in a room. Real grit is when you can release the flow of words amid the chaos when you are being swallowed by the chasm but you maintain sanity with your sentences.

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