Book Review Colorful Notions

Readers of this book can be divided in two categories : who have done a road trip and who would like to do a road trip after reading this book.I belong to the former category.Flipping through the pages made me nostalgic about my Ladakh road trip.Though it was only for fifteen days, but those fifteen days took us through various highs and lows.Yes ebbs and flows which engulfed everything; be it the surroundings, the food, emotions or relationships.I was wondering that if in fifteen days I witnessed the REAL world around me, what will happen if I am on the road for more than a month.Someday, Someway, I will be able to accomplish a long road trip as well (with my two monkeys) Amen!

My hubby shared an insight with me long time back,“ If you want to know the REAL person, travel with them and stay together for at least a week.The real persona will be revealed to you.And of course, the same applies for you as well“, he chuckled. I would not say that this was the best book with which I ended my 2016 (probably Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be the last one which will be off the shelf)but yes this will be the last book review for 2016.I have high regards for friendship and put that on a high pedestal and this book epitomizes it.

Story of three friends who decides to go on a road trip in order to give some meaning to their life.All three of them are battling with their own set of troubles and insecurities.They do not know that this trip will provide a new dimension to their life.They have given nicknames to their buddies ( which I like as I also have the habit of shortening the names of my loved ones !) They are young , confused and on a quest to achieve a milestone of which they will be proud later in their lives.Many a times one needs a neutral environment to unbottle the suppressed hidden feelings and the road trip provides this to the leading characters.

Acceptance of truth is the hardest of all and once you are able to do it, life is a smooth sail.

When the book ended , I was a little surprised as I was expecting more.I wanted to know what will happen once Ab,Sasha and Unns are back in the city life galore.But this book was about the road trip.It took me a while to understand this!

I am not going to quote any best lines from the book.Just being a bit different with the last book review.For maximum effects, read this book when you are waiting at the airport or hopping places or travelling solo.

Happy reading and see you in 2017!

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