Book Review Confused Bastards

What happens when :

You have suffered multiple failures with the ventures You have an influential father , but you would not like to take any favor from him You can not call a spade a spade You become a meek goat when in your heart a lion is roaring You are successful throughout your life but fall flat when the question of relationship comes You ruin your hard built dream with your own hands

These scenarios has the capacity to transform a normal person in to a confused soul.And the trio of this book are no different.They try to close their eyes from the harsh realities of their life by immersing in alcohol and short flings.The mix of confusion , lack of courage , constant Pickering and the resolve to prove that I can do something without the help of my father, did make the trio start a venture and take it to new heights.

The success graph is not always upward bound else it will crush it’s own roots.It is like a wave which goes up and down.And it was natural that a decision taken in haste costed heavily.The meteor fell and the remains were everywhere to see. Did they become phoenix? For that you need to pick up the book!

Best quotes from the book:

It was times like these that kept them together.Stupid enjoyable moments could only happen with friends If you fry your pains,eat those fried pains,you start enjoying If we start learning from our mistakes,life won’t be that much fun These clouds which are formed by hot air go through a hell lot of turbulence to finally reach such dramatic heights that nobody can prevent them from causing thunderstorms.That’s the process of nature.Don’t let “nurture” destroy your “nature” The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page ..but all is not perfect in an imperfect world Confusion means that you are still alive,that your brain is working,that you have option to choose from Confusion helps you explore,it makes you sharp,you go through your choices and evaluate them It’s not the confusion,that’s the problem,the problem is with indecision

I am slowly learning that “ Never judge a book by it’s cover “ and yes by the title as well! Merry Christmas!

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