Desperation Exudes Low Confidence

Desperation Exudes Low Confidence

And desperation leads to delay.

It also leads to loads of frustration. So don’t get hung up on something and just keep on pinning that thought. The more desperate you are, the longer the road becomes for that final destination. Universe can sense your desperation and because it’s not meant to happen, you will start feeling that all the forces are against you.

Another thing which also happens is we are so fixated on the “next thing” which we are aiming for or have thought of that we forget to live in the present. So many times we have read on living in the present and not getting flustered about future, but alas we mortals cannot understand this universal truth.

Desperation leads to low confidence as when things do not go as per the plan, then we doubt our efforts.

💯A reminder to self: don’t be desperate, do plan, but go with the flow and if you have expected a straight road, and a curve comes, go happily along with it 💯

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