First Learning Session after Break

First Learning Session after Break

Words of Wisdom from Tim Elmore: Do you read your people before you lead them?

I wanted to end my festive break with the session from Tim Elmore which he did for Peak Community and I am so happy that I chose this one! Exploring the paradoxes of great leadership isn’t that great. Here goes my pointers:

It’s inspiring to know that Tim has written 37 books to date!

One of the question which he has explored is leading harder today as opposed to leading earlier? And if the answer is yes, why it’s harder? Because we are leading a more educated set, there are higher levels of emotions when people join the team. Because today’s mantra is to bring the entire self to the work unlike earlier, which was leave your emotional self/ your other avatars at the door. People have higher exposure and have higher level of entitlement.

Think about this: Two things can be true at the same time

💯 Don’t be afraid to try bizarre

💥 Can you be stubborn and open-minded at the same time? He gave examples of how, when the limits are crossed on core values, then the stubbornness pitches in.

🌟There should be a list of negotiables for you and just a couple of non-negotiables for you.

🤩Do you hold the door for somebody out there?

He shares his parting thoughts before ending the session:

I want to speak as if I believe I am right, And I want to listen as if I believe I am wrong

What was the first thing you did when returning from break? 📔

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