Stillness vs Movement

Stillness vs Movement

Stillness is Questioned and Movement is celebrated.

I am an early bird and start my day at 4.30 am. Why I prefer morning hours is because, at that particular time, the house is silent. Though I can hear the fan buzzing, or the snores, or the occasional dishwasher sound. But those do not bother me, as that’s the time I have for myself to finish my morning chores and get going with my day. Slowly and steadily I realized that the stillness of the house is also echoed in nature or it’s the other way around. Parents who have kids will relate with me, that what I mean by “house is silent and I am scared to make any noise so that I do not wake up tiny tots!”

If you read and practise meditation, you would know the concept of “observe”. I realized that my days are filled with so much movement and activity that initially I was uncomfortable with the silence and the stillness. I did not know how to react to it, or how to handle it. As like all others initially I was a huge proponent of this statement: Stillness is Questioned and Movement is celebrated.

But when I was always moving, I was on auto mode. Going from one activity to another or sometimes juggling between so many tasks that it zapped my energy, rather this suck it all, and I used to be drained out and fatigued so easily. With slow and steady practice, I am aiming to bring the meditation in every aspect of my day. Taking a pause and observing around are no longer, “unworthy” words for me. Rather they hold high pedestal for me right now. I realized that with my mind always thinking and planning on the next action, I was missing the beauty of the morning stillness. But when I dug deeper, I did realise that what seems to be slow or still, had hidden movements within it.Like there was this slow movement in nature, the sun was making its way, the moonlight was fading off, birds were chirping to leave their nests.

This is working for me, and when I hit the bed in the night, I look forward for my mornings and the calmness and the poise which the day will bring

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