Samisha continued with her thoughts to Mohini “When in the mirror we see our blind spots, we always say that the mirror is not clean. In our own eyes, we are perfect to the core.” Hence, if Sameer was honest in sharing your flaws, it was because you were not able to stand them. And now, in your mind, you are trying to find his faults.”

Mature relationships know how to share the truth. They will not sugarcoat it. They aim to improve the relationship and not belittle you in any way. And they will never shy in hearing their blind spots, provided you are sharing them honestly and not out of vengeance! Our relationship with Truth is very strange. We want to hear it, but then we do not hear it as well. Acceptance of the truth takes courage and guts. The day you have done it, give yourself a big treat, as it’s equivalent to covering all the nooks and corners of the Great Wall of China. Sigh, wouldn’t the world be a better place, where we are not in constant conflict with the truth? Most of the characters of my upcoming novel are.

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