Did you say ThankYou

Did you say ThankYou

Create your Gratitude Pledge

“We will be grateful and thankful, and we will not overlook even the least favor done to us”

“We’re in the habit of thinking that we don’t deserve misfortune, but that we do deserve whatever blessings have come our way.”

Quote from Think like a Monk

There are some days, when I am expecting something, but it does not turn out the way I wanted to be. And then that despair seeps in. Like that small tunnel of water, which makes its way first to the heart and then to the mind. This water is not clean and does not mean to purify me but create filth around. Filth in terms of sorrow, cursing everything, cooking up stories why something did not turn up the way I wanted. And in this process the water becomes filthier.

Even if for a second, I bring in the gratitude spark that all what I have might be someone else’s dream and it’s not always what I wish and aspire for, becomes a reality, calmness will prevail. It will save me from the danger for spoiling what I have at present. This practice did help me, and it’s not just like that thinkers/ monks/ successful people professes the power of Gratitude Journal.


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