Love to talk

Love to talk

Do you feel better and relaxed after talking? Why? Did you ever give it a thought? And why do you need to vent out “externally” to relieve yourself of all the negative thoughts. Do you think you “just passed on” your feelings to another, rather dumped it on them.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Since the time I have read those pages of Think like a Monk, where they practice silence to understand themselves better, I am so intrigued by this concept. I used to think and believe, If I share my thoughts and feelings, I will feel better. And I used to indeed feel good. It did help me a lot in getting my migraines treated. Going deep in my consciousness, (trying to) understand my emotions and why that throbbing keeps on returning, was one of my pertinent questions. I know my triggers. Going one step forward, how can this be handled by going inwards and understanding the emotions.

🎵Talking and venting out is easy,

🎵But did I understand the situation..

🎵Did I make an effort in knowing the emotions which caused the outbursts?

⏸️Hit the PAUSE button!

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