Where does your Index Incline?

Where does your Index Incline?

Happiness eludes me…

This is our basic complaint. I am miserable and all the wrongs of the world have been done to me. I am the most unwanted child of GOD. We love to thrive in these thoughts and keep on feeding them until it takes the shape of a monster. If you have seen that movie called “Tumbaad”, then you can visualise the ugly monster🐉 which we first plant in our body, then keep on nourishing it till it decomposes us. We love to glorify our tragic times and there is generally a competition that who suffered most. We can never tolerate that our status of Tragic King/ Queen👑 is threatened by somebody else and they are trying to dethrone us. We have the confidence that the moments of happiness are short, rare and the suffering goes till the end. We guard our happy moments so much that in those starry 🌠 moments as well, we bring the fear factor in. We try to grab and hold them for long, with the fear that they will be gone soon.

We fail to understand that just like three states of matter, these are also states of mind. It’s the amalgamation of all these states which makes each state unique.

Do rejoice in this status message: I was the tragic queen of the world until I met her who dethroned me.

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