The Serious Game of Feedbacks

The Serious Game of Feedbacks

At present Reading, “Think like A Monk”

“Our society is set up around strengthening our weaknesses rather than building our strengths”

I read this statement in Jay Shetty’s Book; Think Like a Monk. There were follow up paragraphs on it which said -‘’ all highlight our insufficiencies and urge us to improve them. But what happens if we think of those weaknesses not as our failures but as someone else’s dharma?”

During the corporate performance reviews, don’t we always talk about how your deltas can be improved? Soft skills I can understand which are at the core, and are needed to be a better human being but what if like Jay, you also do not like excel and do not want to build expertise in it? In our quest to work on our weaknesses, we forget to sharpen our strengths or invest time in the skills which we enjoy doing.

We are so focused on feedback sessions, that our axe lies unattended.

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