Move Move Move

Move Move Move

Sangram Vajre in conversation with Jill Rowley, Bryan Brown, Lydia Flocchini and Darryl Praill on why the concepts discussed in MOVE is SUPER IMPORTANT for Marketing Industry.

One has to keep on repeating the message until that message becomes your second nature. And that’s what the sessions dedicated to the MOVE book are doing. It was amazing to hear from Jill Rowley and Bryan Brown on the journey.

Imagine there was an era where there were no SDR’s and Sales were the backbone of any organization like the pre-BANT era!. It was heartening to hear Jill when she says that she was going to vouch for more investment in Marketing and Customer Success

🚒 Entire revenue engine depends on GTM

💸 When you can have Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, Customer Operations, then why not Revenue Operations!

🎼 This is like epic where Revops team is building GTM scorecard! Times are not far behind when GTM scorecards will be omnipresent and a permanent feature in the board room meetings

💰CRO is the orchestrator

🗃️Product Teams need to be influenced

💥Great Product builds great GTM, and great GTM creates more awareness and ultimately leads to great ecosystem

🔦Let’s spread the awareness on GTM, every level, each function should understand this. It’s not the privilege for few who are sitting in the C-Suite.

Everyone is thanking from their bottom of heart to Sangram and Bryan to get this book out. This clearly shows that what kind of gap we were living in.

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