That session which will make you forget to BREATHE

That session which will make you forget to BREATHE

Power Packed Session with Christopher Lochhead on Sangram Vajre’s newly released book, MOVE!

People who have heard Christopher are familiar with the punch which he brings to the topic and how he entertains the audience with his witty one liner and the way he instills the “sound” in the comments/ or statements which he witnesses from other folks. It keeps you on the edge. There are very few people in the industry who know the art of keeping the audience engaged till the end, and he is one of them! Every word was a GEM shared by Christopher and Sangram. Sharing their quotes and my takeaways.

💥Sangram has brought a movement in the industry with the knowledge and frameworks which are creating a “new category”. If I look back from 2000 to 2010, we did not have influencers like him who had the dedication to bring a storm in the market. Here to more power to him! ⏫

🌟Problem/ Product/ Platform: If you want to create a mark, you will surely put your head and heart in these three areas

There are folks who cannot understand the value which marketing brings to the table. This is absolute stupidity! Don’t you realize that Marketing has the LARGEST DISCRETIONARY BUDGET. Marketing is the most important function in an organization. Legendary marketing changes the future 💯

🐌Marketers get your head out of sand and get your learning brushed up on how category building and GTM stay together. And these two strategic initiatives HAVE to be OWNED by the CEO.

⏲️It took seven years to get the market to understand and accept the gospel of ABM. It’s only now that Forrester and Gartner recognize this as a category. Back when Sangram launched ABM, he traveled from city to city to “go” to the market and then create it

Companies which FRAMES, NAMES, CLAIMS the problem, will become the go to solution for that problem 🥇

♠️How much category design is a part of your DNA!

💰If you are not making the cash register sing, you are FIRED!💰

⏳Constant iteration until you arrive at your winning formula. Then Lock, repeat and repeat

⚖️Your processes should be scalable and repeatable!

I know it’s NOT enough! Watch the session for a power packed information which will surely get your adrenaline running.

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