Podcast with Leela Gill

Podcast with Leela Gill

Leela Gill, when she talks, it’s so practical and the lessons are backed up by the data, that you felt that I always knew about these things but just rejected them because I thought I need to experiment and do something flashy. In the heat of delivering flamboyant campaigns, the crux of the marketing is foregone. Thankfully, we have marketers like Leela who reaffirm our faith that get your basics right, and never forget them. My key takeaways from her recent podcast

💡 The major challenge for a startup is, of course, ramping up the revenue

🔥 People who are suited for marketing roles at startups should be ready for challenge, are creators and act as catalysts

▶️ Prioritization is the key. As you can not take everything with limited resources

🚧 Pipeline/ Demand Generation along with Content Strategy forms the backbone in the initial years

💯 Creating a need for the product is the prime area. The example which she provides of bottled water is like bang on

Content philosophy: A Marketer should be so well versed with the product that even if the need arises to give the demo, the person should be ready

⏫ Create high value content which is highly ranked by SEO

🗒️ Helping is the new selling! Share best practices, interviews, thought leadership

🔩 Back up your content with data

😃 Your content should create a feeling in the reader

🖼️ Make it look pretty so that the work evokes emotions and then the reader can take a stand coupled with the logic!

Link for the podcast

Additional read, stats on startups are really insightful

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