Do you think beyond likes, shares views

Do you think beyond likes, shares views

How often do you value the comments on your posts? Have you made any conscious effort in posting comments on the posts which you find valuable?

We all get swayed by the number of likes and number of views. And it has happened many a time that we are guilty of checking and logging in our account again and again, if it increased or not. Off late, I was observing my behavior that I am scrolling and many a time without even putting my thoughts together, I just hit the like or any other celebratory moment. And then we easily forget about that post. What good it serve when you just like the post and do not remember the expressed thoughts. Imagine, when you make an extra effort in reading the entire post, and quoting their insights in your conversations or implementing the lessons shared by them.

I have made a note to myself that If I have nothing noteworthy to share on that post, I will not like that post. After all, the way I am looking for a feedback from the readers and mere likes/ shares does not serve my purpose, the same goes for them as well.

Recommended path is Like<Comment, to share or not to share is a choice. This is my way to acknowledge the efforts of the writers which they put in creating such an amazing content.

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