We all love stories, now it’s your chance to craft one! Don’t be shy and shake the pen!!

In the spirit to promote reading and writing at an early stage, I have started a writing contest, named as WordSpark. ✨Why WordSpark, because word sparks that dormant force in us which is lying unexplored. Words are that force which has the power to move mountains. ⛰️

This is a project, which will run for a year and I plan to publish fifty stories as a part of Children’s Anthology. There will be two parts of the anthology:

💖5-10-year-old: Collection of Fifty Stories 📚

💖10-15-year-old: Collection of Fifty Stories 📚

I am looking at submissions with minimum 500 words and there is no word limit for the maximum! I really want to see how the kid’s imagination unfolds. Why I have kept it as a yearlong project as we know with kids, you can not ask them to pen a certain word limit in one sitting. They need to enjoy this activity.

I have given one tip to my daughter: Start with the title, and just write one line every day. And viola within 12 months she will have 365 lines, if she will be regular at it. Talk about developing the habits!

And other age groups, don’t get disappointed, for the age group of 15-20 years, I will feature Top ten stories on my website-

Last but not the least, 20 & Above: we will feature One Story in each of the quarterly issue of WO-BRIGHT Magazine. So for this one, we have a timeline. For the Dec issue, we would need the stories on/ before 15th October 2021!

What are you waiting for! I am looking forward for your participation. Drop a note asap on-

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