Mandatory 2020 wrap up Post!

Mandatory 2020 wrap up Post!

Everybody is talking about 2020. It feels it’s mandatory to write a goodbye note for 2020. Yes, everyone wanted 2020 to be over because of all the reasons we know. However, I am finding it weird that everyone was desperately waiting for the midnight gong of 31st Dec. There was no magic wand which was going to whoosh away corona. Indeed it’s a deadly disease. Apart from the safety measure which we can take, there is nothing else which we can do.(I will not touch upon the spiritual aspects, saving this subject for some other day). Healthcare industry is working round the clock for the vaccine. Let’s trust our healthcare professionals and from our end, we make a conscious effort on stepping out, only with the mask on. I believe “mask” and “basic sanitation guidelines” are the gifts which 2020 silently wanted to give it to us.

Coming back to 2020, it was so different in many ways. Whoever had never worked in the work from home environment, it was a different world for them. Each house was different, each life was different. How your neighbour handled this situation was completely different from yours. It was not apt to question how another person is tackling the situation. And it was not appropriate to unleash a whip on your own self, when things do not go as per the plan. Keeping afloat with all the negativity, insecurity is by no means an easy task. I used to give myself a pat on my back when I get up from the bed, feeling blessed that I am alive and able to see my family besides me. These moments which we fail to cherish and be thankful for in the mad rush of career, getting things done, or minting that extra dash of cash. This year can be termed as the “Year of Awakening”

What is my view for 2020? I loved this year for all the “good reasons”. It gave me a chance to take a peep inside my self, my mind. How to keep calm when you feel that the entire world is faltering. To sift the chaff from the irrelevant and what is important.What is the real meaning of being focus. How one needs to be creative to celebrate life, appreciate health, love your family with all the differences floating around and the blessings bestowed by GOD. There were good nine months where I was not able to go for a holiday. Our plans kept on getting cancelled, postponed because of some or the other reasons. I was frustrated indeed, but then I had to keep going with the flow. I will lie if I say that there were no moments of frustration, being an emotional wreck, feeling listless, thinking that all is lost and I am not going anywhere. I felt stuck. I did feel that I am loner. I did envy by looking at all those amazing holiday pictures on social media. During this tsunami of emotions, I did not run away from my emotions. I felt them, I let them come, I did not shoo them away, I did not feel embarrass in talking about them. I believe this was the strength which did make me more sane! Accepting the truth, that it’s ok to not be ok.

And yes, 2020 did turn everybody in a philosopher, including me! I think GOD did receive a lot of knocks on HIS door enquiring on “the purpose of life”.

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What kept me going last year? Meditation, yoga and words. I read, wrote and shared my learnings. I recorded 40 bite size videos for Antwak platform. Check out my contributions on Digital Marketing, Soft Skills, Women at Work, Emotional Well-Being and Sales & BD

I would take a moment to share my reading list of 2020:

Atomic Habits

The Diary of a Young Girl

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret

Sophie Kinsella’s “I owe you one”, “Surprise Me” and “Remember Me”

Healing Back Pain

The Rearranged life of Oona

The Silent Patient

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

What’s my myntra for the next phase? Sharpen the lessons learnt in 2020 and Observe.

Parting Note: My prayers are with all the families who witnessed unfortunate tragedies because of COVID. May GOD gives you the strength to sail through the troubled times.

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