Fall in love with the Journey

Fall in love with the Journey

It’s a famous saying to enjoy the process and do not worry about the final destination. If you are enjoying the process, you will not mind the outcome. But we start the journey with the final outcome in mind? Isn’t it confusing. Now, when I am writing this, it has led me to thinking.

If I take my novel writing as an example, then of course I have a goal in mind. Write at least 100,000 words and weave a story. Random musings are ok, I did ditch the 22k word draft as it felt like my mind’s ramblings. I started the process again as those 22k words gave birth to Samisha. And a story did strike a chord with me. And when I am in the flow, my fingers do start aching. So, if I talk about enjoying the process, yes I am enjoying the process of giving birth to this character and I would definitely want to take her to an outcome.

When I am in the process of writing, I keep a tab of how many words I am writing everyday. Some days are really good and some days go with blank entries. The second year of Work from Home, and when my husband has been tested positive, there are days when I am so dazed, that I can not type even a single word. And those are the days when I do not punish myself. As I know the process of creating Samisha is indeed therapeutic for me. I will be back at my computer to pen those words which are haunting me. I will definitely write the next scene. And I do return. There is this fine balance of how much whipping I need to do on my own. It can not be too much where I am so self exhausted that I do not have the energy to provide a healthy atmosphere for my family and it can not be too lenient, that the gap widens and I shy away from coming back to the character.

As I am enjoying the process, new ideas are also knocking at the door. I am learning how to weave the characters, on new technologies, on how to be visual, how to connect with the fellow writers and take a dip in the ocean of so many unread titles. The world of words is HUGE! I am loving it. Every new word gives me a kick, opening up new possibilities.

When the returns are so many from the process, then why shy away from the journey and lust after what will be the end. In that lust, I do not want to miss the beauty of the woods which are going by.

If you would have noticed when we say “focus on the journey and not the destination”, it also hints subtly “to be in the present mode”. Because when we are enjoying the present moment, the journey becomes more beautiful and you won’t even realise when you will arrive at your destination.

I have also made sure that I am not stressing myself with big steps. Baby steps, and consistent steps is what is keeping me passionate and the charm is being maintained. This has also led me to share tiny little things about Samisha. I have started a Instagram Post Series , called as #KnowSamisha where I share about Samisha, what she is feeling and her mental well being.

Wish me luck, as I want to stay in love with this journey. And I want to spark the joy in you for first falling in love with the journey and then staying in love with the process!

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