Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST1

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST1

I am starting a series on my key takeaways related to all the aspects of Marketing. This is the First post in the series.

Being an avid note-taker, I have a stack full of diaries which house the precious gems captured when I am in the deep learning curve. Be it listening to podcasts, reading books, attending webinars or PEAK sessions. I thought of capturing all the points as trivia blog post. Going back to the notes and capturing that “one key message” is of great help. Plus, each point is a BIG SUBJECT on its own, worthy of at least 45 minute discussion.

  1. ABM+Inbound

  2. Segmentation is very important: vertical-location-size

  3. Amplify reach: inbound is not about blogging and then waiting

  4. Look at your accounts with different lens

  5. It takes a village to drive engagement

  6. When you are looking at Marketing Tech Stack, don’t forget your sales tech stack too

  7. Focus more on strategy and less on tech stack

  8. Sales enablement plan for ABM

  9. Marketing does not run ABM, Marketing drives ABM

  10. ABM is a marathon rather than a sprint

Which one would you like to pick up for a virtual coffee discussion?

To be continued

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