What do you value more

What do you value more

Would you tell a success story or share that incident where you failed miserably?

What’s that one failure which you are proud of? Did you realize people are keen to learn from your failures rather than your successes? Success stories sometimes look like fairy tales and overwhelming as well. Maybe that’s the reason people get attracted more to the tales where how many times did you fall.

👩‍🏫I can quote one of mine. I failed miserably to position myself during a conversation with one of the CEO. He had asked me a very simple question to describe what I do. After 10 minutes of my rattle, he was so confused that he asked me, “I am not sure what’s your area of expertise.”

This was indeed disheartening for me, that being in the marketing function, I cannot position my brand and market myself! Since then, I have promised myself to hone my elevator pitch! Because of course that’s the one which determines if you are in the game or out of it! Another important perspective is the choice is yours to “get attached” to that failure and keep on visiting the guilty path again and again. The trick is how you make sure that you do not repeat those failures and turn them next time into a success!

So what’s your failure story which you would like to share for my learning?

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