Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST2

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST2

Sometimes I fall short of notebooks to capture the key takeaways!

In continuation with my previous post

  1. Before launching ABM program, all the parties should agree on the required metrics
  2. Do not sign off Direct Mail. Off late, I am seeing many posts where marketers are talking about this “forgotten” tactic and sharing the success which they had in their ABM programs
  3. Keep your target accounts engaged with content. You should be in front of them even when they are not contemplating for a purchase
  4. Delivering valuable information without an ask
  5. ABM gets a rebranding with ABX, establishing further that success of an ABM can only occur with “One Team” concept.Experience across all teams
  6. If you slip up on Better Marketing, this will become one of your Top five reasons for failure
  7. There is no shying away from Demand Gen programs. You got to prioritize them
  8. Throw your selling pitch in the bin, start focusing on industry problems
  9. Though contact enrichment is a strenuous cycle, but this is one which will pay off in a longer run
  10. Prime time to stop cringing about the marketing budget. Get the rabbit out of the hat, and let’s see how you can think, act differently to be on the winning side

to be continued

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