Resource Leverage

Resource Leverage

Resource Leverage Creates Competitive Advantage

Book Quote: Multipliers

When I was reading this concept from Liz Wiseman, it did remind me of the days, when I was given a High $ pipeline target to achieve, and how my first reaction was I need more people to achieve it! I am currently reading this book and sharing some of the excerpts to spark the Multiplier effect.

Tim Cook was speaking the language of multiplication (i.e. higher growth by better utilizing the resources that already exist)

The logic behind multiplication:

✨ Most people in organizations are underutilized

✨ All capability can be leveraged with the right kind of leadership

✨ Therefore, intelligence and capability can be multiplied without requiring a bigger investment

Resource Leverage is a far richer concept than merely “accomplishing more with less” (PIN this quote)

“Eighty people can either operate with the productivity of fifty or they can operate as though they were five hundred.” And because these multipliers achieve better resource efficiency, they enjoy a strengthened competitive position against companies entrenched in the logic of addition.

What do you think?


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